About Marilyn

Workshops & Education Topics
Marilyn Atlas regularly conducts seminars to groups and business groups on specialized topics including:

  1. Prosperity Now!!!
  2. How to Build a Happy and Fulfilling Marriage
  3. How Hypnosis uses the Power of your Mind
  4. How Can I Speak and Be Heard?

  5. (Marital/Couple Communication)
  6. Stressed Out and No One to choke
  7. How to Recognize Depression in your Teenager
  8. How To Raise a Confident Teen
  9. Don't be a victim, get what you want in life
  10. Building a successful blended family
  11. Boost your SAT/ACT scores
  12. Surviving the Terrible Teen Years
Flexible Office Hours

816-F Brawley School Road, Suite #4
Mooresville, NC 28117

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