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    Have you been feeling sad or down in the dumps?

    Does the future look hopeless?

    Do you feel inadequate?

    Do you blame yourself for everything?

    Do you feel resentful and angry a good deal of the time?

    Do you feel overwhelmed and have lost your interest in life?

    Do you feel that your relationship with your spouse/partner is struggling and unsatisfying? Click on the Marriage/Couple Inventory

Most people feel depressed some time in their life. However if the depression becomes debilitating, and remains persistent, even if you have made every effort to overcome the depression/anxiety then it is advised for a person to seek professional help.

Marilyn Atlas, with her over 30 years experience, understands that at times, life can seem very difficult. She has helped many thousands of people to overcome their anxiety and depression. Marilyn has been trained in many different types of therapy. Many of these types of therapy have been researched to have the most effective results in the shortest amount of time. Marilyn understands that each of her clients have individual needs, and she creates a plan of treatment that enables her clients to achieve their highest potential.

In addition, Marilyn Atlas also provides Hypnotherapy to clients who request it. Hypnotherapy has helped her clients to release stress, manage their anger, quit smoking, and reduce depression. She also uses Hypnotherapy to help her clients with insomnia, (Can't Sleep??), eliminate phobias, reduce anxiety attacks and decrease obsessive compulsive behavior. In combination with Marilyn's certification and use of life coaching skills, Marilyn helps her clients to increase their self esteem, improve their health, increase productivity in their life and create healthier and happier relationships.

Another of Marilyn’s counseling services include Marital/Couple Counseling. Marilyn believes that couples can make sudden shifts in their relationships which can enable them to transform their relationship.

Recently, Marilyn expanded her knowledge base by completing an Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. The basis of Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT is that the most important characteristic of a healthy relationship is a secure emotional bond. According to Susan Johnson, Ed.D, the co-founder of EFT, most human beings crave secure emotional bonds Many times, a couple can get into a pattern or “dance” that does not work for them. By learning that it is the pattern and not the individual who has created the dysfunctions in the relationship, the couple can recognize it and learn to “step” out and develop new behaviors and intimacy.

Marilyn has also been trained in Couple Communication Training. . Research has shown that this couple communication course has helped more that 600,000 couples improve their communication skills and their relationships.

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