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All Marriages and Relationships Struggle at some time or another.

In the privacy of your own home get an accurate reading of how your marriage is doing:

Scoring: Give yourself one point for each "true" answer.
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1. I can easily list the three things I most admire about my partner. True  False

10 or above: Your marriage appears strong. Because you value each other highly, you have a shield that can protect your relationship from being overwhelmed by any negativity that also exists between you. Although it might seem obvious to you that people who are in love have a high regard for each other, it's common for spouses to lose sight of some of their fondness and admiration over time. Remember that this fondness and admiration is a gift worth cherishing.

Below 10: Your marriage could stand some improvement in this area. Don't be discouraged by a low score. There are many couples in whom the fondness and admiration system has not died but is buried under layers of negativity, hurt feelings, and betrayal. By reviving the positive feelings that still lie deep below, you can vastly improve your marriage.

Marilyn Atlas, LCSW, has successfully worked with couples for over 30 years. She believes that most marriages are worth saving because most problems can be solved. Marilyn uses techniques that are based on current research which shows that couples can make sudden shifts which enable them to transform their relationship. Couples can then create new relationships which will allow them to be happier and fulfilled. In her practice, divorce is the exception rather than the rule. Marilyn is also trained in Couple Communication Training by Sherod Miller. Research show that the couple communication training has helped more that 600,000 couples improve their communication skills and relationships. Marilyn has both day and evening appointments available. Call 704-658-9676. Major insurance's may be accepted.

*John M. Gottman,PH.D., and Nan Silver, The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work, Three Rivers Press,1999, pages, 66-67

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